Monday, January 27, 2014

CHicago Artist Allen Vandever Brings You Rescue or Destroy Art Tournament.

Rescue or Destroy Art Tournament

There’s an exciting new game in town! It’s called “Rescue-or-Destroy Art Tournament.” And we’d like to invite you to join us.

The best way to describe Rescue-or-Destroy Art Tournament: It’s like a sports tournament for art - an “Art Tourney.” Eight pairs of artists compete, tournament style, in a bi-weekly event at Gallery Bar in River North. The events are spaced out over several months culminating in a high-profile event slated to run alo
ngside Chicago Expo.

It works like this…

Sixteen artists are selected to participate and are paired up to create eight initial duos. Each artist brings a piece of art (their choice) for the event and the audience is called on to “rescue,” or “destroy” (hack up into a million pieces) one of the two pieces presented on stage.

Rescue or Destroy is a proven concept with successful events at Art Basel Miami, Art Chicago, Zhou B Art Center, Built Art Festival and street art performances at MCA.

Rescue or Destroy kicks off at 8pm on Saturday February 22nd at Gallery Bar – 738 N. Clark St., Chicago. Thereafter events will occur on First Thursdays and Third Saturdays of every month culminating in a grand finale during Art Expo Chicago.

We have two slots left open if you are interested in competing please send me a message

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