Saturday, June 30, 2012


Rescue or Destroy

Disco 24 by 18 acrylic, epoxy resin  $1600

I relinquish conscious control over my limbs, my mind drifts back into the periphery, allowing a primal call to create the motions of my body. The mind becomes quiet, and I behold the glorious interweaving patterns and colors breathing and colliding in vivid translucence. My skin ignites with burning energy, growing hotter and hotter until I burst into flames. My body extends out to the furthest reaches of the flames, where I burn even hotter, fueling the conflagration. Steadily, I become a pillar of flame, ascending higher and higher over the earth. And from this height, I have the vision of a million worlds.
When the mind and body ascend into another plane of sight and existence, the sensations are beyond what is conceivable in the existing material world, so the words fail me, and I can only describe it as ‘other-worldly.’ In my experience, I have been able to reach this lucidity through direct mental meditation-in a waking or dreaming state, indirect meditation-often brought upon by the trance-inducing power of sex or dance, and with the use of psychedelic drugs. All have played a profound role in weaving my transcendental experience, guiding me to realize the infinitely complex dimensions of the human mind and spirit.

This painting has till the end of July or it will meet its end unless you rescue it

Monday, June 25, 2012

Don't like Destroy It

I do not promote this but thought it was interesting what extremes people will go to if they disagree with something.

Woman Arrested in Colorado After Destroying Artwork

A Montana woman was arrested Wednesday at a Colorado museum after she destroyed an artwork that some observers say depicts Jesus engaged in a sex act. The Denver Post reported that Kathleen Folden of Kalispell, Mont., was taken into police custody after she entered the Loveland Museum/Gallery in Loveland, Colo., and destroyed a work called “The Misadventures of Romantic Cannibals,” a lithograph by Enrique Chagoya. The police told The Post that Ms. Folden had used a crowbar or similar tool to break the plexiglass in front of the work and then tore it up. She has been charged with criminal mischief, a felony punishable by a fine of up to $2,000.
For several days the museum has faced protests for displaying the work, which also depicts comic book characters, images from Mexican pornography and Mayan symbols. The Post reported that Daryle Klassen, a Loveland city councilman, objected to the display during a council meeting, calling it “smut” and adding, “That’s not what our community is about.” Some Roman Catholics in Loveland had also sought to have the work taken down.
Mr. Chagoya, a professor of art and art history at Stanford University, told The Post that the lithograph was a commentary on revelations of child abuse by Catholic priests.
“My work is about critiquing institutions and politics,” Mr. Chagoya said. “I wasn’t trying to portray Christ; it’s a collage of cutouts from different books.”

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Letting go of your Ego

What does Rescue and Destroy have to do with letting go of ones ego. Every Thing, to let go of ones sacred possessions such as ones art that we as artist use to define our selves. Not to be afraid to ask for what we need because the ego is afraid of being hurt.

Your ego makes you feel entitled to get things you deserve. So what do you deserve? You deserve all the things you ever wanted of course. The problem is if that thing you want is in conflict with social conditioning. We wait to be discovered or we are afraid to ask for what we need because we are afraid our ego will be damaged. Letting go of the ego and not taking undesirable outcomes personally… but there is so much to be gained from it.

Many times has my ego grown to big and blinded me of my reality and true path. Rescue or Destroy helps me let go of my ego and take risk and to be willing to let go of things that I hold important. Becoming aware of your ties to ego based consciousness, recognizing and releasing the emotions and thoughts that go with it: the middle of the end

The ego is a limited belief system within our minds that we have molded and identified as being who we are. The ego survives by establishing boundaries, borders and limits on everything it sees. The defining of such boundaries, borders and limits gives it the illusion that it can tell us what is right and wrong, all in an effort to control us by instructing us on what we are and are not, how we should act and not act, and why we should judge those who challenge it; the status quo. We are taught the right and wrong 

Friday, June 22, 2012


Anti-art is a loosely-used term applied to an array of concepts and attitudes that reject prior definitions of art and question art in general. Anti-art tends to conduct this questioning and rejection from the vantage point of art.[1] The term is associated with the Dada movement and is generally accepted as attributable to Marcel Duchamp pre-World War I, when he began to use found objects as art.[2]
An expression of anti-art can take the form of art or not.[3][4] In general, anti-art rejects only some aspects of art. Depending on the case, "anti-artworks" may reject conventional artistic standards.[5]
Anti-artworks may also reject the art market, and high art. Anti-artworks may reject individualism in art.[6][7] Anti-art may reject "universality" as an accepted factor in art, and some forms of anti-art reject art entirely. Depending on the case, anti-art artworks may reject art as a separate realm or as a specialization.[8]
Anti-art artworks may reject art based upon a consideration of art as being oppressive of a segment of the population.[9]
Anti-art artworks may articulate a disagreement with the generally supposed notion of there being a separation between art and life. Indeed, anti-art artworks may voice a question as to whether "art" really exists or not.[10] "Anti-art" has been referred to as a "paradoxical neologism,"[11] in that its ostensible opposition to art has been observed concurring with staples of twentieth century art or "modern art," in particular art movements that have self-consciously sought to transgress traditions or institutions.[12] Anti-art itself is not a distinct art movement, however. This would tend to be indicated by the time it spans—longer than that usually spanned by art movements. Some art movements though, are labeled "anti-art." The Dada movement is generally considered the first anti-art movement; the term anti-art itself is said to have been coined by Dadaist Marcel Duchamp around 1914, and his ready-mades have been cited as early examples of anti-art objects.[13] Theodor W. Adorno in Aesthetic Theory (1970) stated that "...even the abolition of art is respectful of art because it takes the truth claim of art seriously."[14]
Anti-art has become generally accepted by the artworld to be art, although some people still reject Duchamp's readymades as art, for instance the Stuckist group of artists,[2] who are "anti-anti-art".[15][16

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rescue or Destroy Special Edition


Since Junes painting was rescued with not even half the month left I have decided to put this painting OpExplode Up for Rescue or destroy because I have another painting for july This painting only has two weeks to be Rescued. Because of the short amount of time I am going to price the Rescue price really low lets say $200. I am going to have to check the size I have 28 by 29 in my files but that doesn't seam right it is a mix media

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

!00% Rescued

Weight of The City wasRescued with 18 days to spare

Now to decide if I should put a new painting now or wait till July.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Call for Art

Call for artist to partisapate in Rescue or Destroy Online project

I am inviting other artist to put their work up for the challenge of Rescue or Destroy. I am asking people to open their minds and expand the scope of their ideas, for I am inviting artists to take the ultimate challenge, where there exists only two possible outcomes: the work will be rescued or destroyed. I am looking for two works of art to be chosen each month for Rescue or Destroy.  You can submit you work by email to If you are chosen and your work isn’t saved you can choose its means of destruction all I ask is that you videotape the destruction of your work so I can add the video to the blog.  

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Something I wasn’t expecting from Rescue or Destroy Online project is how beneficial it is to focusing on one finished painting for a month. I am usually thinking about work that I am creating not work that I have finished. Last month focusing Deep Water made realize my growth as an artist. I painted deep water 2009 when my technique of putting epoxy resin between the layers of my painting was mastered. It was nice thinking and looking at it with out thinking about what I need to do to make it better letting me truly enjoy it. Knowing that my time with it is limited was refreshing the finality of it was therapeutic in many ways. One unexpected way was that my Grandmother recently had a stroke and the doctors say here time is nearing its end. She has bean a major influence in my life as an artist. She is a self-taught painter who taught me the love of painting. She survived the month, as did Deep Water. I am going to see here next week probably for the last time. The most beautiful thing in our lives are only fleeting. That is why I am ok with my artwork leaving this world it will always be with me. This month I am looking forward to spending time with Weight of the City and my grandmother.  

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This Months painting 
Weight Of the City 1

 Weight of the City 1 18x19 Acrylic Epoxy Resin $1600

She is bound and falling deeper into the chasm of her despair. The glow of the city lights illuminates this dark scene, making a display of her suffering as she falls deeper into the vast depths of loneliness. She goes down blind to the glorious vision of the world before her. She is stripped of control, but our heroine descends placidly, for she knows the entire city is underwater being pulled into the mouth of the same abyss

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rescue or Destroy Online Month Two

Weight of the City 18in by 24in Acrylic and Epoxy Resin $1600

Weight of The City 1 is on the chopping block and I am looking for some one to
save it. This painting was the prequel to my large Weight of the City that one Best nude for art Basel Miami in 2011 and was the online winner for the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series 2012, and was a finalist for Artisan Series in Miami. I cant tell you how many time I thought I had sold this painting I even went in and made a few changes for art collector who said the would buy it if I did. Well now if there is on 30 days left to buy it if not it will be destroyed. No more I will by it next month no more let me think about it or I should check with my partner first. Buy it now or it will be gone forever.