Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Next Rescue or Destroy at Fulton Market Kitchen Aug 19th This will be the biggest yet we will putting up over $55,000 worth of art up to the challenge will people come out and Rescue the art or will they let it be destroyed. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Now is the time for some serious cultural introspection

Lynn Tsan art work field of green

Now is the time for some serious cultural introspection. Are you an art lover? Do you lovingly admire the objects of your affection from afar? Do you find yourself stealing long lingering looks at galleries, spending sleepless nights perusing the Internet for the thrill of beauty and perfection, marking your calendar waiting breathlessly for those heady first, second, third, last Friday night rounds of open studios where the intimate glimpse into the origin of your obsession leaves you weak in the knees with desire?

Are you consumed by indecision, paralyzed by uncertainty and doubt? Are you bereft when you enter your home - empty walls mocking your over-stimulated senses?

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, it’s time to get a grip. Come to a Rescue or Destroy event. It’s the antidote to indecision. I’ve seen it firsthand: She who hesitates is heartbroken. This is the place where artwork leaves the market. By the end of the evening, all of the art featured here will no longer be available for sale. Some of it will cease to exist.

Every piece faces one of three outcomes. It could be saved to compete again in a future event, it could be bought by a passionate, decisive art lover, or it will be destroyed; chopped up into hundreds of tiny pieces by a large, bearded, bald man with an ax.  

Don’t let other people determine the fate of the art you love. If you love it, vote to save it, or bring it home. If you hate it, fold your arms, check out the ceiling, go buy a drink, and let the ax fall.

On August 9th Gallery Bar, 734 N. Clark St., will be hosting the playoffs of Tournament #1 featuring four of our winning artists from the Spring Session. Jeffrey Conroy. Ryan Blume, Mike Gricus and Wem.

On August 19th, Fulton Market Kitchen will kick off the next tournament. CJ Hungerman and Keith Brownlee are competing in the Main Event. Guest artists will include: Jason Davis, Lynn Tsan and Allen Vandever.

Rescue or Destroy will continue once a month at both venues. Watch for dates here.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Rescue or Destroy is going strong and growing up. The Gallery Bar Tournament is heating up with the "playoffs" coming up in August and a move over to Fulton Market Kitchen for a brand new round. New venue, more artists, bigger work.

Our first event at Fulton Market Kitchen (311 N. Sangamon St., Chicago) will be Tuesday, July 29th.

The first of two playoff events at Gallery Bar will be August 9th

Our final 8.....

Ryan Shultz
Ryan Blume
Meg Frazier
Franklin Riley
Mike Gricus
Jeff Conroy

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

RESCUE OR DESTROY? That is the question

These paintings will be destroyed June 5th if you do not rescue them.

I dream of women, acrylic and epoxy 18in by 24in

 I am letting you decided if my artwork is important are these paintings worthy of being contemporary art is what I am doing as an artist appreciated or will it go unnoticed and end up in the land fill or on your wall?

Dreaming of imaginary friends, acrylic and epoxy 18in by 24in

 I am starting to put up art work that is more relevant to what I am doing as an artist. This painting is part of my dream series. This is the true test is what I am doing as an artist appreciated will this work be rescued or Destroyed.

Exploration in dreams, acrylic and epoxy 18in by 24in

These Painting are acrylic and epoxy 18in by 24in they are some of the first of my 3D inward paintings they are about a quarter of an inch deep a doze or more layers of epoxy and acrylic.