Monday, July 14, 2014

Rescue or Destroy is going strong and growing up. The Gallery Bar Tournament is heating up with the "playoffs" coming up in August and a move over to Fulton Market Kitchen for a brand new round. New venue, more artists, bigger work.

Our first event at Fulton Market Kitchen (311 N. Sangamon St., Chicago) will be Tuesday, July 29th.

The first of two playoff events at Gallery Bar will be August 9th

Our final 8.....

Ryan Shultz
Ryan Blume
Meg Frazier
Franklin Riley
Mike Gricus
Jeff Conroy

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

RESCUE OR DESTROY? That is the question

These paintings will be destroyed June 5th if you do not rescue them.

I dream of women, acrylic and epoxy 18in by 24in

 I am letting you decided if my artwork is important are these paintings worthy of being contemporary art is what I am doing as an artist appreciated or will it go unnoticed and end up in the land fill or on your wall?

Dreaming of imaginary friends, acrylic and epoxy 18in by 24in

 I am starting to put up art work that is more relevant to what I am doing as an artist. This painting is part of my dream series. This is the true test is what I am doing as an artist appreciated will this work be rescued or Destroyed.

Exploration in dreams, acrylic and epoxy 18in by 24in

These Painting are acrylic and epoxy 18in by 24in they are some of the first of my 3D inward paintings they are about a quarter of an inch deep a doze or more layers of epoxy and acrylic.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rescue or Destroy is an art lover's surreal dream/nightmare. Art from all over the city shows up at Gallery Bar and it's here, for a while, then it's gone. It's been snatched from your grasp by an overly enthusiastic fan, or chopped up with a golden ax wielded by a maniacal giant bald man wearing a top hat and paint splattered jacket. Soooo sad.

Check back a little later and I'll post some of those that got away...the rescued and the destroyed.

Stop by on Saturday, the 17th and join the fun.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Werm vs DMN Ology 

Hip Hop Rescue or Destroy

This Saturday Rescue or Destroy takes it to the street. Werm and Dmn Ology face off in a hip-hop, spray-painted mash-up between two quintessential hip-hop artists.

Werm is a rapper, a painter, a teacher, a father….he says, “My art form started with a passion for graffiti and ended up with a talent for art.” The spray can has been replaced with an airbrush and an eye towards fine art.

DMN Ology started as an MC for rap events right out of high school until he started running with graffiti artists, Zor, Raffa, Raven and the like and took up painting. “Wow! An MC that wants to paint!!” They taught him well. Since then he’s traveled the world doing what he loves.

“Now I just have to figure out how to do it onstage while I’m rapping.”

Ah, imagine…the sound...the spray paint.