Monday, February 15, 2016

Worthy of Existence?

I take being an artist serious and I am going all in. I find my art to satisfy my visual needs it makes me feel like I want to feel I think it is worthy to Exist. Now I need you to take it serious is my art work worthy of existence.
This is my new Rescue or Destroy project. This is how it works do you think this work of art is worthy of existence? This Art Necktie will not be in existence 48 hrs from now if some one doesn't decide they want it if you want it and think it should continue to exist go to the link below and purchase it if you think it should be destroyed obliterated from existence then do nothing.
If you are an artist and you want it I will barter or if you want to take me out for dinner that will also Rescue it.
Well this is the beginning of my newest version of Rescue or Destroy is my art Worthy of Existence.