Monday, November 17, 2014

Flowers of War

Here are Three works of art I am putting up for Rescue or Destroy. I have had a hard time getting good photos of my new work so I made a video for you.You need these great works of art in your home come Rescue them.

Army vs Navy

Rescue or Destroy Returns to Fulton Market Kitchen

Army vs Air Force

Patrick Putze vs Brock Hardnett

Who will be Rescued who will be Destroyed

Representing Army - Brock Hardnett -

Artist statement

My work investigates perception, specifically snap judgements, and how this 'psychological editing' impacts our daily lives.

Representing Air Force - Patrick Gale Putze

Artist Statement
Serving in the military for any length of time makes one hyper-aware of their environs. As an artist, I am constantly utilizing this honed sensitivity. I produce experimental films and photographs that capture both aspects of my place in spaces — things others seem to seldom observe and respond to — and also intricate ironies inherent in common everyday materials like magazine, newspapers or digital media. Twenty-One years on active duty in the Air Force also afforded me the opportunity to travel to many national and global destinations I might otherwise not have experienced. Melding these elements into tools for crafting my own personal narratives of the people and places I’ve witnessed always felt so natural with a camera in hand that it has now become second nature. Surveying the landscape, taking stock of what is there visually and anthropologically, I endeavor to produce art that speaks of a specific time in place, through mostly overlooked urban or rural landscapes. Recently, I’ve been harvesting contemporary media — printed or digital — to generate new/false narratives though simply photographic technique. This has developed into a platform for critical thought and commentary on what we Americans consume through our preferences of mass communication materials. It has become a mission to craft imagery enabling viewers to become more perceptive of their surroundings and thus have a greater appreciation for the overlooked magnificence in their surroundings and situations.

Patrick Gale Putze once spent some twenty-plus years geographically separated from his hometown of Chicago while serving his country in the U.S. Air Force. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Photography from the University of Texas at San Antonio and a Master of Arts in New Arts Journalism from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Patrick immerses himself in the art world through multiple avenues. He works as the Web Developer and Multimedia Coordinator at the National Veterans Art Museum in Chicago; writes criticism for the EXPO CHGO online blog The Scene (; produces his own experimental films; and has manifold storehouses of creative ideas, whether actually written down or locked away in the cerebral hemispheres of his cranium. Patrick lives in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago with his wife Lauren and their K-9 companion, Petey the Wonder Dog.

Rescue or Destroy is an art tournament featuring 16 Chicago-based artists. Each artist brings a piece to the competition and the audience decides which will be rescued and which will be destroyed. The “rescued” work goes forward in the tournament and the piece slated for destruction could face the chopping block. However, anything could happen and always does.

311 N. Sangamon St. in Chicago from 8:00 pm - midnight. For more information please contact Allen Vandever at

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rescue or Destroy contemporary artist put there art on the block.

Ryan Schultz comes out on top beating street artist WERM in his play of match for Rescue or Destroy. Allen Vandever bring you another amazing evening of smashing and art saving.

Its very important to not get to attached to objects and that includes your art work maybe its even more important with your art if you hold it to dear it will hinder your movement forward. I bet if you think about some of the art work you have created or maybe even a lot of the art you have created has ended up in the land fill unless you are a hoarder. People don't usually put up there best work in fact I have personally cleaned out all of my old work no more art work in the closets and the best part is over 90% of them have ended up on peoples walls. When I have put up good work it has bean rescued at real prices. One of the best thing about Rescue or Destroy is that its fun every one who comes out has a great time its not just another art opening were people spend more time talking to each other than the art people really get engaged with the art and it brings up some serious conversations about art. and last but not least when have you bean to an art show were 90% of the art work sales on the opening night and not just once as a fluke but every opening night. You never have to worry about shipping your work home.

Fulton Market Kitchen Rescue or Destroy Art tournament

Keith Brownlee defeated CJ Hungerman at The first elimination round at Fulton Market Kitchen. Hosted by Allen Vandever. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Next Rescue or Destroy at Fulton Market Kitchen Aug 19th This will be the biggest yet we will putting up over $55,000 worth of art up to the challenge will people come out and Rescue the art or will they let it be destroyed. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Now is the time for some serious cultural introspection

Lynn Tsan art work field of green

Now is the time for some serious cultural introspection. Are you an art lover? Do you lovingly admire the objects of your affection from afar? Do you find yourself stealing long lingering looks at galleries, spending sleepless nights perusing the Internet for the thrill of beauty and perfection, marking your calendar waiting breathlessly for those heady first, second, third, last Friday night rounds of open studios where the intimate glimpse into the origin of your obsession leaves you weak in the knees with desire?

Are you consumed by indecision, paralyzed by uncertainty and doubt? Are you bereft when you enter your home - empty walls mocking your over-stimulated senses?

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, it’s time to get a grip. Come to a Rescue or Destroy event. It’s the antidote to indecision. I’ve seen it firsthand: She who hesitates is heartbroken. This is the place where artwork leaves the market. By the end of the evening, all of the art featured here will no longer be available for sale. Some of it will cease to exist.

Every piece faces one of three outcomes. It could be saved to compete again in a future event, it could be bought by a passionate, decisive art lover, or it will be destroyed; chopped up into hundreds of tiny pieces by a large, bearded, bald man with an ax.  

Don’t let other people determine the fate of the art you love. If you love it, vote to save it, or bring it home. If you hate it, fold your arms, check out the ceiling, go buy a drink, and let the ax fall.

On August 9th Gallery Bar, 734 N. Clark St., will be hosting the playoffs of Tournament #1 featuring four of our winning artists from the Spring Session. Jeffrey Conroy. Ryan Blume, Mike Gricus and Wem.

On August 19th, Fulton Market Kitchen will kick off the next tournament. CJ Hungerman and Keith Brownlee are competing in the Main Event. Guest artists will include: Jason Davis, Lynn Tsan and Allen Vandever.

Rescue or Destroy will continue once a month at both venues. Watch for dates here.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Chicago Artist Allen Vandever Brings you Rescue or Destroy

Rescue or Destroy is going strong and growing up. The Gallery Bar Tournament is heating up with the "playoffs" coming up in August and a move over to Fulton Market Kitchen for a brand new round. New venue, more artists, bigger work.

Our first event at Fulton Market Kitchen (311 N. Sangamon St., Chicago) will be Tuesday, July 29th.

The first of two playoff events at Gallery Bar will be August 9th

Our final 8.....

Ryan Shultz
Ryan Blume
Meg Frazier
Franklin Riley
Mike Gricus
Jeff Conroy

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

RESCUE OR DESTROY? That is the question

These paintings will be destroyed June 5th if you do not rescue them.

I dream of women, acrylic and epoxy 18in by 24in

 I am letting you decided if my artwork is important are these paintings worthy of being contemporary art is what I am doing as an artist appreciated or will it go unnoticed and end up in the land fill or on your wall?

Dreaming of imaginary friends, acrylic and epoxy 18in by 24in

 I am starting to put up art work that is more relevant to what I am doing as an artist. This painting is part of my dream series. This is the true test is what I am doing as an artist appreciated will this work be rescued or Destroyed.

Exploration in dreams, acrylic and epoxy 18in by 24in

These Painting are acrylic and epoxy 18in by 24in they are some of the first of my 3D inward paintings they are about a quarter of an inch deep a doze or more layers of epoxy and acrylic.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rescue or Destroy is an art lover's surreal dream/nightmare. Art from all over the city shows up at Gallery Bar and it's here, for a while, then it's gone. It's been snatched from your grasp by an overly enthusiastic fan, or chopped up with a golden ax wielded by a maniacal giant bald man wearing a top hat and paint splattered jacket. Soooo sad.

Check back a little later and I'll post some of those that got away...the rescued and the destroyed.

Stop by on Saturday, the 17th and join the fun.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Werm vs DMN Ology 

Hip Hop Rescue or Destroy

This Saturday Rescue or Destroy takes it to the street. Werm and Dmn Ology face off in a hip-hop, spray-painted mash-up between two quintessential hip-hop artists.

Werm is a rapper, a painter, a teacher, a father….he says, “My art form started with a passion for graffiti and ended up with a talent for art.” The spray can has been replaced with an airbrush and an eye towards fine art.

DMN Ology started as an MC for rap events right out of high school until he started running with graffiti artists, Zor, Raffa, Raven and the like and took up painting. “Wow! An MC that wants to paint!!” They taught him well. Since then he’s traveled the world doing what he loves.

“Now I just have to figure out how to do it onstage while I’m rapping.”

Ah, imagine…the sound...the spray paint. 

Chicago Artist Allen Vandever is The Axe Man


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This painting will be up for rescue or Destroy April 19th. This was inspired by japanese tsunami in 2011.Bonsai Tsunami acrylic on canvas 30in by 48in the gold fish are 3D. If you would like to save it fill free to make an offer It retails around $4000. I do consider all attempts to rescue it fill free to make an offer you can afford. barter, trade, payment program or combination of these are also considered.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Check out DMN Ology interview. See DMN and Werm duke it out this weekend. April 19th at Gallery Bar in Chicago.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy Birtday Allen!

It was another smashing evening at Rescue or Destroy last Thursday as Jim Riggs and Franklin Riley proved that every single vote makes a difference. Franklin's airplane triptych eked out a win over Jim's Buddha with a mere four vote lead. The final tally - 38 to 42 and the Buddha was destroyed.

Also, Allen Vandever, the Axman, the Destroyer and art purging enthusiast celebrated his birthday in a frenzy with a record number of guest artists.  A total of 32 works of art faced the chopping block. Twenty five were rescued and only seven were destroyed.

We hope to see you on Saturday, April 19th when Rescue or Destroy takes it to the street (art) with street artists DMN Ology and Werm. Not to be missed. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

AND THE WINNER OF BOUT 4 IS **** FRANKLIN RILEY*** Another close competition Franklln Riley 42 votes vs Jim Riggs 38 votes. a Record number of art works were put up for RESCUE OR DESTROY last night 25 rescued and 7 destroyed. every one seem to be having a great night at Gallery Bar and enjoying Rescue or Destroy.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Allen Vandever Threatens to Destroy Chicago Art Scene

Photo by Alamo Art Studio

Allen Vandever - The Destroyer

Is he a monster or a modern day visionary? Allen Vandever has been called both.  He’s six-foot-three, bald, hulking figure who wields an ax and is not afraid to use it. He’s been spotted around town with an evil grin while hacking art work into tiny pieces.
“ I seek to inspire the idea of renewal through regeneration. I seek to be reptilian: primitive and cold-blooded like the snake. I seek the creation of something distinctly new through the destruction of the old, for often times such objects have a way of stifling our minds and creative energies." 

Vandever is the brainchild behind Rescue or Destroy, Chicago’s latest art happening, which has been shaking up art lovers this past month at Gallery Bar in River North. 

Rescue or Destroy is a bi-weekly art tournament featuring 16 Chicago-based artists. Each artist brings a piece to the competition and the audience decides which will be rescued and which will be destroyed. The “rescued” work goes forward in the and the piece slated for destruction could face the chopping block. However, anything could happen and always does

Rescue or Destroy returns to Gallery Bar on Thursday, April 3rd featuring Abdel Morched and Jim Riggs and a slew of guest artists. The show starts at 8:00.

Do your part to support the arts. Show up and vote. Save art from the ax. Vandever has no mercy.

Rine Boyer vs Meg Frazier interview

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Jason Davis Working Mans Hero vs Ryan Blume Yogi Artist Tow paintings enter the ring only one leaves.

Rescue or Destroy Art Tournament: Round Two March 6th


The premiere Rescue or Destroy event between Ryan Shultz and Mateo was a smashing success: Literally… art was smashed. Art was rescued. Art was sold. 

Six works of art by Allen Vandever were presented to an enthusiastic crowd. Three were rescued. Three were destroyed. But the Main Event was the real nail biter. Ryan Shultz won this first bout by a mere 6 points. The final vote was 59-53. The audience was given a 20-minute window in which they could save Mateo’s piece by buying it. The piece was sold! 
If you missed it, no worries: We’re doing it again next Thursday. 

Round 2 features Jason Davis and Ryan Blume. 

Ryan Blume is aYogi artist who tries to infuse the philosophy of nature into his art. "So this is a poem about my work/process….’Flow: Infinite complexity, constantly changing, controlled chaos.’”

Jason Davis is a contractor by day: Artist by night. And it’s his night job that frees his mind. “The images that came out were things that were fun to twist and eventually they twisted themselves showing me things."  .

Rescue or Destroy is a bi-weekly art tournament featuring 16 Chicago-based artists. Each artist brings a piece to the competition and the audience decides which will be rescued and which will be destroyed. The “rescued” work goes forward in the tournament and the piece slated for destruction could face the chopping block. However, anything could happen and always does. Events are held every First Thursday and Third Saturday from February 22nd through Aug 22nd at Gallery Bar, 738 N. Clark St., Chicago. For more information please contact Allen Vandever at

Pic's from Rescue orDestroy Tournament Bout 1

Rescue or Destroy Art Tournament Bout 1 Ryan Shultz vs Mateo

Interview with the Ryan Shultz and Mateo. They were the first Two to compete in Rescue    or Destroy Art Tournament

Rescue or Destroy Tournament round 1

Rescue or Destroy Presents! - Ryan Shultz vs Mateo 

Chicago, IL - February 10, 2014 - This is the art event you’ve never experienced. There’s nail biting suspense, action-packed drama, tears and jeers and a big bald man with an ax. 

It will be one of those events about which people say, “You had to be there.” So if you want to know what your friends are talking about, then show up.

The premier event features Mateo and Ryan Shultz. Both artists are primed and ready to rock.

Each artist brings a piece to the competition and the audience decides which will be rescued and which will be destroyed. The “rescued” work goes forward in the tournament and the piece slated for destruction could face the chopping block. However, anything could happen and always does.

About this week’s artists…

Mateo is a Chicago-based photographer who focuses on capturing the essence of the artist/auteur and members of the LBGTQ community. Pulling influence from the queer artists he surrounds himself with as well as trans-gender movements of the past and present. 

“My work is a queer approach to fashion photography. I work within the avant-garde underground art scene in Chicago.” - M

Ryan Shultz is a mostly self-taught oil painter who captures moments in peoples’ lives that are usually private, not meant to be noticed. He’s a classicist with the curiosity of an urban documentary filmmaker. He paints the beauty and the ugly truth of the human condition.

"I don’t want my paintings to look like they were painted 200 years ago. Maybe the surface quality might look that way, but the subject matter is modern.” - RS

Rescue or Destroy is a bi-weekly art tournament featuring 16 Chicago-based artists. Events are held every first Thursday and second Saturday from February 22nd through xxx xx at Gallery Bar, 738 N. Clark St., Chicago. For more information please contact Allen Vandever at 

Monday, January 27, 2014

CHicago Artist Allen Vandever Brings You Rescue or Destroy Art Tournament.

Rescue or Destroy Art Tournament

There’s an exciting new game in town! It’s called “Rescue-or-Destroy Art Tournament.” And we’d like to invite you to join us.

The best way to describe Rescue-or-Destroy Art Tournament: It’s like a sports tournament for art - an “Art Tourney.” Eight pairs of artists compete, tournament style, in a bi-weekly event at Gallery Bar in River North. The events are spaced out over several months culminating in a high-profile event slated to run alo
ngside Chicago Expo.

It works like this…

Sixteen artists are selected to participate and are paired up to create eight initial duos. Each artist brings a piece of art (their choice) for the event and the audience is called on to “rescue,” or “destroy” (hack up into a million pieces) one of the two pieces presented on stage.

Rescue or Destroy is a proven concept with successful events at Art Basel Miami, Art Chicago, Zhou B Art Center, Built Art Festival and street art performances at MCA.

Rescue or Destroy kicks off at 8pm on Saturday February 22nd at Gallery Bar – 738 N. Clark St., Chicago. Thereafter events will occur on First Thursdays and Third Saturdays of every month culminating in a grand finale during Art Expo Chicago.

We have two slots left open if you are interested in competing please send me a message

event web page