Thursday, January 8, 2015

Chicago Artist Allen Vandever and Family

Chicago Artist Allen Vandever, Dawn Mari Rosales Vandever, and Walter Allen Rosales Vandever

Chicago artist and innovator Allen Vandever finds his family to be the most inspiring and motivating factor in his art and life. Allen says, “No matter how hard and frustrating the art word is I always have my family to find peace and balance within.”
Walter Allen Vandever, Allen’s son entered his life while he was living in Hawaii.  It was at that time he decide he needed to get serious about his art career. Up until that point, Allen was only concerned about being a better painter.  Walter, has grown up being inspired by living in daddy’s studio and has become quite the artist himself. Allen's first art teach was his grandmother who was a painter.  Every day after school Allen would go to her house and make art. His Father is a wood carver in Minnesota.
When he was living in LA, prior to his move to Hawaii, he had huge success selling his work to collectors in the real estate industry, even selling work to one of his teenage ideals Slash from Guns & Roses.  That sparked a friendship with Slash’s wife and family. 
Now Allen is more focused on building his place in the art world, as well as, building a community and creating a strong foundation for those things. If you are lucky you might find his wife Dawn, singing at one of his shows accompanied by his stepfather. Dawn has an amazing voice and is an artist in her own right. 

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