Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This painting will be destroyed if you do not rescue it!

This December at Verge Art Fair Allen Vandever will be bringing you Rescue or Destroy, an interactive installation where it will be up to the public to rescue the artwork on display or witness its destruction. Each participant will be presented with a list of challenges to choose from and complete to guarantee the safety of one piece. If they are unable to step out of their comfort zone to spare whatever is on the chopping block, the art will be obliterated using various tools and devastating techniques. Vandever will also be bringing Rescue or Destroy to the streets of Miami for Art Basel. Random passersby will be presented with a work of art and asked to decide its fate on the spot: save the art with a donation or watch it meet its violent end. In addition to orchestrating these roving street performances, Vandever will be exhibiting from work from Team Art!, a Chicago artist collective comprised of Jason Davis, Mario Gonzalez, Jr. (Zore), Mike Reynolds, Elisa Sandoval, Sofia Moreno, and Katrina Petrauskas, at the Essex hotel as part of Verge Art Fair. He will also have a solo space at Verge featuring his new series titled OpErotica, a combination of Op Art and Erotica painted in an inwardly 3-D style that Vandever has developed over the course of his career.
1001 Collins Ave. & 1020 Ocean Drive @ 10th St. (across from the Wolfsonian)
December 6-9, 2012

Allen Vandever 725 w 18th st unit B Chicago il 60616 8475713813 allenartist@gmail.com AllenVandever.com  

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