Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rescue or Destroy Tournament round 1

Rescue or Destroy Presents! - Ryan Shultz vs Mateo 

Chicago, IL - February 10, 2014 - This is the art event you’ve never experienced. There’s nail biting suspense, action-packed drama, tears and jeers and a big bald man with an ax. 

It will be one of those events about which people say, “You had to be there.” So if you want to know what your friends are talking about, then show up.

The premier event features Mateo and Ryan Shultz. Both artists are primed and ready to rock.

Each artist brings a piece to the competition and the audience decides which will be rescued and which will be destroyed. The “rescued” work goes forward in the tournament and the piece slated for destruction could face the chopping block. However, anything could happen and always does.

About this week’s artists…

Mateo is a Chicago-based photographer who focuses on capturing the essence of the artist/auteur and members of the LBGTQ community. Pulling influence from the queer artists he surrounds himself with as well as trans-gender movements of the past and present. 

“My work is a queer approach to fashion photography. I work within the avant-garde underground art scene in Chicago.” - M

Ryan Shultz is a mostly self-taught oil painter who captures moments in peoples’ lives that are usually private, not meant to be noticed. He’s a classicist with the curiosity of an urban documentary filmmaker. He paints the beauty and the ugly truth of the human condition.

"I don’t want my paintings to look like they were painted 200 years ago. Maybe the surface quality might look that way, but the subject matter is modern.” - RS

Rescue or Destroy is a bi-weekly art tournament featuring 16 Chicago-based artists. Events are held every first Thursday and second Saturday from February 22nd through xxx xx at Gallery Bar, 738 N. Clark St., Chicago. For more information please contact Allen Vandever at allenartist@gmail.com 

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