Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Its very important to not get to attached to objects and that includes your art work maybe its even more important with your art if you hold it to dear it will hinder your movement forward. I bet if you think about some of the art work you have created or maybe even a lot of the art you have created has ended up in the land fill unless you are a hoarder. People don't usually put up there best work in fact I have personally cleaned out all of my old work no more art work in the closets and the best part is over 90% of them have ended up on peoples walls. When I have put up good work it has bean rescued at real prices. One of the best thing about Rescue or Destroy is that its fun every one who comes out has a great time its not just another art opening were people spend more time talking to each other than the art people really get engaged with the art and it brings up some serious conversations about art. and last but not least when have you bean to an art show were 90% of the art work sales on the opening night and not just once as a fluke but every opening night. You never have to worry about shipping your work home.

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