Saturday, June 30, 2012


Rescue or Destroy

Disco 24 by 18 acrylic, epoxy resin  $1600

I relinquish conscious control over my limbs, my mind drifts back into the periphery, allowing a primal call to create the motions of my body. The mind becomes quiet, and I behold the glorious interweaving patterns and colors breathing and colliding in vivid translucence. My skin ignites with burning energy, growing hotter and hotter until I burst into flames. My body extends out to the furthest reaches of the flames, where I burn even hotter, fueling the conflagration. Steadily, I become a pillar of flame, ascending higher and higher over the earth. And from this height, I have the vision of a million worlds.
When the mind and body ascend into another plane of sight and existence, the sensations are beyond what is conceivable in the existing material world, so the words fail me, and I can only describe it as ‘other-worldly.’ In my experience, I have been able to reach this lucidity through direct mental meditation-in a waking or dreaming state, indirect meditation-often brought upon by the trance-inducing power of sex or dance, and with the use of psychedelic drugs. All have played a profound role in weaving my transcendental experience, guiding me to realize the infinitely complex dimensions of the human mind and spirit.

This painting has till the end of July or it will meet its end unless you rescue it

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