Thursday, June 7, 2012


Something I wasn’t expecting from Rescue or Destroy Online project is how beneficial it is to focusing on one finished painting for a month. I am usually thinking about work that I am creating not work that I have finished. Last month focusing Deep Water made realize my growth as an artist. I painted deep water 2009 when my technique of putting epoxy resin between the layers of my painting was mastered. It was nice thinking and looking at it with out thinking about what I need to do to make it better letting me truly enjoy it. Knowing that my time with it is limited was refreshing the finality of it was therapeutic in many ways. One unexpected way was that my Grandmother recently had a stroke and the doctors say here time is nearing its end. She has bean a major influence in my life as an artist. She is a self-taught painter who taught me the love of painting. She survived the month, as did Deep Water. I am going to see here next week probably for the last time. The most beautiful thing in our lives are only fleeting. That is why I am ok with my artwork leaving this world it will always be with me. This month I am looking forward to spending time with Weight of the City and my grandmother.  

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