Monday, April 8, 2013

Rescue or Destroy the Chicago Art Scene

Rescue or Destroy hits Chicago this spring and will last through the summer. Team Art! will bring Allen Vandever’s Rescue or Destroy project to the streets of Chicago. Teams will be roaming the streets to challenge people to answer: Is Allen's work worth saving? Is it worthy to hang on your walls?

Allen Vandever hopes to revitalize the Chicago art scene through interactive performances by taking traditional two-dimensional art to the streets of Chicago. With the help of Team Art! members he will be interacting with people throughout the city asking whether or not they think his art is worth saving, and what do they think it’s worth. The purpose is to explore the questions: Does art have value? How do you place value on art?

Allen Vandever will be creating an opportunity for people to become art collectors by rescuing the work from destruction. By rescuing the work, they may bring it home. For some, it may be the first work of art as new art collector; for seasoned collectors, it’s a chance to own a piece by a respected, Chicago-based artist. A $20 - $40 donation is requested to help defray costs.

Team Art! will be on the sidewalks of Chicago beginning april 19th in the following locations: MCA on Tuesdays (MCA free day) from 11am – 2pm; Fridays on the sidewalks around Wicker Park's Six Corners from 5:30pm to 7pm; and Saturdays from 12-3 PM near the Chicago Art Institute. They will also be making surprise appearances in a Chicago neighborhood near you!

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