Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Street Rescue Or Destroy Day One Chicago Gives The Cold Shoulder

April 23 2013 Chicago MCA, the first day of street Rescue or Destroy. It was almost like we were invisible .I don't even think they could here us. Maybe our artistic clothing camouflaged us into the MCA. Well if I had to come to a conclusion from todays project I would say people are to busy or cant be bothered by art that is not in contents with the surroundings. Most of the people were on there way to the MCA, so they must be a little interested in art. Maybe it was the weather, after a hour it started sprinkle then came the rain. I will hold any judgment till after we have done this a few times.

Todays score was two destroyed one saved. We spent 30 dollars on transportation and food so we could make one dollar. I am still having a hard time with letting some one having my work for a dollar but its better than them letting it be destroyed.  

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