Thursday, January 1, 2015


Santas WorkShope Rejects
We bring the crazy creature inventions by Allen Vandever

Two nights before Christmas, in the FMK House
The axes were sharpened; Axman ready to pounce.
all the creatures were dining, even a mouse.
Axman in his top hat; Rescula in her skirt

With artwork adorning the walls and the hall
The artists were pacing and dreading the fall
Of the dreaded ol’ chopper, the Axman’s delight
And the audience bemoaning the terrible sight

When back in the kitchen there rose such a clatter,
Axman sprang from the room to see what was the matter.
Away to the kitchen he flew like a flash,
Tore open the door and threw up his axe

The flames from the stove of the new chef’s surprise
Shone light on a sight; Axman rubbing his eyes
They slipped in from the alley with a sleigh full of toys
A tiny old driver cried, “Help me out, boys!

Come, Dani and Brian, Noah and Kelsy

Come, Kyle and Franklin. James, don’t be lazy
Let’s unload this cargo, we’re falling behind
These are the misfits, I hope you don’t mind”

The crew set to helping and got to it quick
For the tiny, round driver was the famous St. Nick
He thanked them and nodded with a twinkling eye
Then he and eight reindeer took to the sky

Axman, Rescula, the crowd and the crew
Looked down at the misshapen toys and just knew
That these toys weren’t “misfits,” they’re one of a kind
Then they took to the stage for their people to find

So if you are wondering, “What’s Christmas about?”
It’s kindness and sharing; not being a lout
Rescue a toy or a small piece of art
And you can be sure you’ll be doing your part

Rescue or Destroy is an art tournament featuring 16 Chicago-based artists. Each artist brings a piece to the competition and the audience decides which will be rescued and which will be destroyed. The “rescued” work goes forward in the tournament and the piece slated for destruction could face the chopping block. However, anything could happen and always does.

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