Sunday, May 27, 2012


Almost threw the first month of Rescue or Destroy, its time to think of the unthinkable destroying my artwork. How will I destroy Deep Water; Power tools, Axe, hammer, gun, fire, car, gravity, there are so many ways. If you can think of a way I am open to suggestions. In fact why don’t we make a competition out of it how ever comes up with best way to destroy Deep water will receive a piece of the destroyed painting. Just put you idea in the comment box and I will choose the best one.

There is still the possibility that someone saves the painting but time is running out so its best to be prepared. I am also looking for a venue, ideally an event that I can piggy back on for the destruction of Deep Water.
Deep Water 24in by 18in acrylic and epoxy resin $1400

You can see more of work at try and figure out which paint will be on the chopping block next month.  

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