Saturday, May 19, 2012

How Deep Water Was Made

How Deep Water was made. Deep water is part of my dream series, which are all based of dreams. I first compose the image in Photoshop. Like many artist Photoshop is my sketchbook. I then paint the image then poor a layer of epoxy resin over it then paint again leaving parts of the first painting to show through then continue this process over and over again. This creates an inward three dimensional work. The upper brush strokes cast shadows so as you walk around the paint the light changes the image on the canvas changes. 

Deep Water 24in by 18in acrylic and epoxy resin $1400

Deep Water only will be in existents until the end of the month unless it is rescued. I have had a few people who have made offers to save it but as I have stated in other post I will not get paid less than minimum wage and there offers have not reached this minimum. I am happy that they want to save it but I have to stand my ground on this it also wouldn’t be fare to collectors who have purchased my work. Please fill free to make offers but understand if I say no.


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