Friday, May 11, 2012

Glitter Pets Art Chicago Rescue or Destroy

First Rescue or Destroy project was performed at Art Chicago I created works there would play on the emotions. Almost every one has had a pet the have loved in there lives. So I chose to make the cutest kitty puppy and bunny pics I could. I then decided to make theme even kitschier by putting them on a glitter background.  Thus the glitter pets were borne. Unfortunately they had no home so like all homeless pets they went to the pound were they had a death sentence hanging over there head poor Glitter Pets. So we need them to find homes. So we brought them to Art Chicago to find homes. Each Glitter Pet had its own deadline to be put down if it was not saved. We gave each Glitter Pets a last thirty minutes hurrah were we desperately pleaded with the audience to save the poor Glitter Pet.  At the end Of the weakened of Art Chicago we had found twelve glitter pets homes and five were put down.

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