Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ten Reasons Why I am Doing Rescue or Destroy

Ten reasons why I am doing Rescue or Destroy

What is the value of art?  Who decides which art is valuable and which art is not?  I was at a friend’s house this weekend and she was selling every thing for a dollar!  Yes, one dollar!  And people were still having a hard time buying her work and these were nice painting and I am very particular about paintings. It is hard as the maker of the art to decide what art is good and which art is not up to par. I wish to weed out what I have produced.  Letting the audience choose what will be rescued and which will be destroyed is a way of monitoring my progress & determining which artwork would be considered valuable.  It will help me decide if I have made the right choice in pursuing to be an artist.

To shine a light on the importance of art. I want people to look at art in different way. To give them something to think about.

I am tired of people saying they’re going to buy something.  Keep you on a string for and months and months but actually don’t. So now there is no next month there is only now if you don’t buy I destroy it. To make a living as an artist people have to buy your work.

It is hard to know if other people actually respect your work? What value does it have to them?  Is there a place in this world for my art?

One can only have so much of one’s artwork.  And my studio is over run with paintings.  I need to make room for more work.

I had a college professor who had a basement full of artwork. I will not have any artwork that is not hung on my walls!  I refuse to have my work collecting dust in my basement. My work will hang on walls and be viewed by all or it will be destroyed.

It is also a great way of getting people attention to look take notice of what I am doing. There so many good artist some times you need a little something extra to stand out.

I am not very good at closing when it comes to sales. So you could say this is what I have come up with to compensate.

I really enjoy the Performance art aspect of the project. In fact it is inspired me to come up with more performance based work.

I have bean a builder and creator for so long. Now it is time to become a destroyer.

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