Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rescue or Destroy the Test

Deep Water 24in by 18in acrylic and epoxy resin $1400

I make art to go out into the world and hope fully inspire or move people. To give you something to think about, talk about, and to share with those that are in your lives.
This is the big test do you think I should continue to produce the art that I make and try to find homes for it threw out the world or should I just make it for my self this is the question I give to you. If nothing is rescued then the answer is clear. If it is rescued the answer will also be clear. I hope that you find my work to be powerful, beautiful, and moving if not then let it be destroyed.     

RESCUE OR DESTROY ok so this is how it works every mouth I will be putting one work of art on the chopping block. It is up to you to choose to rescue the work of art if no one rescues the work it will be destroyed 

This month I will be putting up the painting Deep Water this Painting is 24in by 18in acrylic and epoxy resin $1400

You can see more of my work at

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